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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Fowls and fouls

     Here is last night's ToC Week 2 Hangout, in case you missed it.
     Starting tomorrow, I'm gonna give this publish-in-the-morning thing a try. Now for figuring out how we should title these posts. (Suggestions welcome.)
     I didn't watch yesterday's show, but Andy sure did. Doug Perez is our returning champion. Andy really wants him in a panel, so if you know him, give him or us a shout. (I actually want Mariusz and Eugene too.)

Eugene Britton
Mariusz Galczysnki

Monday, November 24, 2014

LIVE HANGOUT - #ToC2014 recap - November 24, 7 PM Eastern

We'll be posting a Youtube link to watch our Live #ToC2014 recap discussion shortly before air time of 7 PM Eastern.

Check back then to watch!

If you have any questions, please leave them for our panel below in the comments!

Scheduled panelists:
Andy Saunders
Brandon Saunders
Jeanie Kenkel
Arthur Chu
Sandie Baker
Julia Collins
Ben Ingram
Mark Japinga
Keith Williams
Lee Ann Roberts

Return To Normalcy

Andy here, and we're back -- with a new era of Jeopardy!

I say "new era" because in case you haven't heard, this is the first episode where ties will be broken, via a tiebreaker question, so there will always be just one returning champion! This is a bit of a gamechanger! Alex didn't mention this change, though!

This week's players:
Eugene Britton - Gonzales, LA (WBRZ)
Michelle Chick - Livonia, MI (WDIV)
Ann Conger - New Orleans (WVUE)
Mariusz Galczynski - Saint Charles, IL (WLS)
David Greisman - Columbia, MD (WBFF)
Jennifer Healy - Hilliard, OH (WBNS)
Courtney Jordan - New York, NY (WABC)
Aggie Lee - Los Angeles, CA (KABC)
Doug Perez - Monrovia, CA (KABC)
Joel Stjernholm - Minneapolis, MN (KARE)
Sam Sukaton - Los Angeles, CA (KABC)

Our players today: Doug Perez, Courtney Jordan, and Jennifer Healy!


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