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Sunday, July 26, 2015

#JeopardyLivePanel Episode 50 (July 26, 2015 7:30 PM Eastern)

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Scheduled panellists:

Andy Saunders
Jeanie Kenkel
Jennifer Morrow
Ben Ingram
Sam Suarez
David Kendall

This week's contestants:
Tara Anderson - (WLKY) - Louisville, KY
Amanda Bruchs - (WJLA) - Silver Spring, MD
Mags Doss - (WXIA) - Atlanta, GA
Melissa Hodges -(KTXA) - Allen, TX
Andy King - (WTEN) - Chatham Center, NY
Scott Lord - (KABC) - Santa Monica, CA
Jonathan Marcus - (KABC) - North Hollywood, CA
Luke McQuage - (KXAN) - Austin, TX
Jennifer Morgan - (WABC) - Southampton, NY
Colby Potter - (KDVR) Denver, CO
Suzanne Vito - (KGO) - Albany,CA

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Monday, July 20, 2015

#JeopardyLivePanel Episode #49 (July 20 2015 10 PM)

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Scheduled to appear:
Andy Saunders
Jeanie Kenkel
David Kendall
Kerry Greene

This week's contestants:
Brianne Archer - ( KACB) - Bellflower, CA 
Mary Ciconte - (WLS) - Lombard, IL
Kris Dages - (KXAN) - Austin, TX
Scott Lord - (KACB) - Santa Monica, CA
Anne-Marie Masse - Pierrefonds, Quebec, Canada
Tracy McCarthy - (KNSD) - Vista, CA
Jennifer Morrow - (WABC) - New York, NY
Erin Saelzer - (WTOL) - Oregon, OH
Jake Smith - (WREG) - Memphis, TN
Sam Suarez - (WTVD) - Cary, NC
Eliza Thompson - (WABC) - Brooklyn, NY

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Monday, July 13, 2015

#JeopardyLivePanel Episode #48 (July 13 2015 10 PM Eastern)

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Scheduled to appear:
Jeanie Kenkel
David Kendall
Rob Seidenwurm
Amanda Mough
Ed Cardoni

This week's contestants:
Lawrence Dernulc – (WBOC) - Salisbury, MD
Lauren Donahoo – (WLS) - Chicaco, IL
Christianne Gadd – (WPVI) - Bethlehem, PA
Ben Hemmens – (WJLA) - Falls Church, VA
John Hendel – (KABC) - Los Angeles, CA
Alyson Lamble – (KSHB) - Kansas City, MO
Julia Lawrence – (WABC) - Rye, NY
Jennifer Morrow – (WABC) - New York, NY
Val Narehood – (WATM) - Tyrone, PA
Phil Salathe – (WABC) - Rocky Point, NY
H.B. Taylor – (KTXA) - McKinney, TX

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